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One-stop photovoltaic solution service provider

PVSTAR is the world's leading rooftop photovoltaic company under the Chint Group, with a registered capital of 2 million euros. We provide one-stop rooftop photovoltaic solutions with customized services and products. Application scenarios include residential, commercial, balcony and other rooftop scenarios. Adopting full life cycle management technology, we are committed to becoming a global leader in intelligent, one-stop photovoltaic energy solutions.

As the world's leading rooftop photovoltaic company, PVSTAR is committed to promoting renewable energy development and accelerating the world's early achievement of carbon neutrality. PVSTAR adheres to the concept of "worry-free service" and provides customers with a full range of services, including pre-sales, sales, and after-sales, to ensure that customers' rooftop photovoltaic systems can operate stably in the long term. We adhere to the business philosophy of "creating value for customers" and work with customers to create a better future. PVSTAR will continue to work hard to provide customers with better products and services and promote renewable energy development.

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