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Service Superiority

The advantages of balcony photovoltaic solutions include
Deliver more power and more savings
On-grid or off-grid operation, ideal for various application scenarios
Real-time monitoring, can track system operation status from anywhere via APP
Quick installation, easy operation
Stable power supply, high safety reliability

PVSTAR Balcony Photovoltaic

Choose the balcony photovoltaic solution and turn your balcony into a "power station" in no time! By harnessing solar power, you can generate clean energy for your home and even sell any surplus electricity back to the grid, achieving both energy conservation and emission reduction alongside economic gains!

PVSTAR Balcony Photovoltaic Solutions Design

PV Module
  • All Black modules
  • Single module area<2m²
  • N Type
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  • Safety above rooftop with module-level rapid shutdown
  • 2-in-1 design, comforable installation
  • MTTP & Data monitoring, more power generation, easier maintenance
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  • PVSTAR Intergrated Management System

Real-time monitoring of power plant operation, including equipment operating data, operating status, etc.

  • PVSTAR Solution System

Utilize our intelligent design platform to evaluate the economic benefits of your project and offer guidance for your decision-making.

  • PVSTAR One Stop System

Realize the whole process of business management from business opportunity tracking, project archiving, signing and shipping to invoicing and payment back.

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