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The PVSTAR One Stop System manages the entire business process from opportunity tracking, project filing, order signing and shipping to invoicing and collection. It also provides essential data management functions such as customer information, policy support and material maintenance, which can effectively reduce the difficulty of batch project management, including storage, billing and business development processes, reduce management costs and improve project management refinement.

Your Business Helper, One-Stop Management

Leads Management
PVSTAR One Stop System supports information docking with various marketing platforms, allowing automatic batch import of online and offline customer information, collaboration and follow-up with targeted customers, assignment of permissions to different customer roles, maintenance of basic customer information and statistical analysis of reports.
File Management
The PVSTAR One Stop System supports agents, installers, etc. to create files according to individual power plants, including survey information input, design management, plant file numbering, etc., which facilitates the subsequent shipment, installation, operation and maintenance of power plants.
Order Management
The order management function of the PVSTAR One Stop System includes order signing and modification, payment management, shipment tracking, invoicing and rebate, etc., ensuring a complete and closed loop of the entire order process.
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