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Through PVSTAR's professional services, you can provide clients with efficient and convenient customized solutions.

Our products and services

Integrated household photovoltaic solution design
Support multiple energy sources such as grid, photovoltaic, batteries, etc., and also support energy management for solar storage and heating devices to achieve efficient energy utilization.
Intelligent Project Design and Operation Management Software
PVSTAR intelligent design software can calculate the initial project returns, facilitating decision-making for partner. The integrated management system helps partner to easily see daily power generation and consumption levels. The one-stop business system provides partner with business process management services, making it easier for partner to efficiently conduct their operations.
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Aesthetically pleasing and efficient product experience.
In addition to advanced software systems, PVSTAR also offers aesthetically pleasing, environmentally-friendly, and weather-resistant N-type Topcon photovoltaic modules, as well as easy-to-install inverters and modular design, flexible expandable energy storage batteries, providing powerful power for home .
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Customized Solutions
PVSTAR offers customized solutions to meet the specific needs of individual customers.

Advantages of collaborating with professional services:

Advanced Technology
Providing adaptable and advanced technology to ensure rapid deployment of solutions to the market.
Highly integrated, cost-saving.
Customized solutions
Provide customized photovoltaic solutions for customers.
Providing customers with one-stop convenience services.

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