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PVSTAR Solution System is an AI design tool that allows agents or installers to easily carry out the preliminary automatic design of the project.

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Utilize our intelligent design platform to evaluate the economic benefits of your project and offer guidance for your decision-making.

Module Layout
PV Solution System adopts a modular modelling method. Different obstacles and different roof shapes can be modelled separately. The model is more consistent with the actual situation. At the same time, the component arrangement supports automatic and manual adjustment to ensure a more reasonable component arrangement design.
Power Generation Calculation
PV Solution System's power generation calculation fully considers the influence of various factors, and the estimate is relatively accurate and reasonable. At the same time, based on the service life of photovoltaic modules, it can simulate and calculate power generation data for 25 or 30 years.
Energy Storage Calculation
The energy storage design module in PV Solution System has different typical power consumption models. It also supports the manual import of special power consumption data and automatically calculates the self-consumption ratio based on selecting energy storage products to determine the best configuration.
Output Report
The output report of PV Solution System is concise and concise. In addition to critical technical content such as component arrangement and bill of materials, it is more detailed and comprehensive in power generation, electricity-saving, and economic benefit analysis that end customers are more concerned about.
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