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More Power. More Places. More Control.

The PVSTAR Intergrated Management System is the key to understanding your use of clean energy. Now, you can manage your power plant anytime, anywhere through touch buttons, helping to build a green future together.

The Power is in your hands.

✔Manage energy easily.

✔Effectively optimize self-use electricity and view the current electricity generation, consumption, and storage at any time.

✔ Analyze energy usage with real-time data visualization.

✔Customize and manage your energy system to meet sustainability goals.

Power Your Home Or Business Now

Boost your savings by managing your solar power
PVSTAR Master is a PC-based integrated management system primarily designed for installers and distributors. It is a highly integrated management system that provides comprehensive management functions such as user management, mass power plant management, mass fault management, mass statistical analysis, organisational structure management, device management, account management and power plant operation monitoring. These functions make it easier for PVSTAR's partners to manage power plants efficiently.
To meet the usage needs of partners and end users, the integrated management system has been launched in a convenient mobile app version. The app has been streamlined to retain essential functions that allow users to easily monitor power plant status and perform convenient operations anytime, anywhere. For example, end users can easily check daily power generation data, daily generation revenue and select equipment. In addition, PVSTAR's partners can perform simple operations such as building new power plants, binding equipment and connecting equipment to the network. The name "My PVSTAR" not only reflects the positioning of the app, but also cleverly bridges the gap with users.
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